Working with whichever medium best suits an idea (from paper pulp, to porcelain to ping pong balls & parachutes) Hannay is fascinated with the way that people communicate & don’t communicate with each other so this is often a theme within her practice. Work often has an element of participation: an invitation to the audience to become a part of the work, or the creation of a situation which facilitates connections and communication between people, by guiding them in a creative process.

Hannay 01

et ceter01100001 2017 (Reworked for The Cut 2019)

Hand cast semi-porcelain. 678cm x 232cm

Hannay 02

If We Knew Then 2019

Pulped client notes & administrative paperwork from a counsellor’s psychotherapy practice, moulded by nursery children aged 2-4 years; corbels

Hannay 02

Prefa Tree Part2 – Instruct 1 2019

Photographic print. 135cm x 90cm

(1 of 18 prints curating responses to an installation at the Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail 2017, which invited participants to contribute to a ‘harvest of the unsaid’ using a ping pong ball as their own personal conversation starter; writing onto it a word or phrase which might be the catalyst for that unspoken conversation. 1,628 responses were deposited by participants into buckets specific to the site of the installation).

Hannay 03

Prefa Tree Part 3 The Elephant Out of the Room 2019

Street lamp shades, spray paint

Hannay 04

Chute You Down 2019

Drag chute, paracord, tape, plasticine, wipe board.

(Participants were invited to use the materials provided to place, draw or make a model of something or someone they would like to slow down, then place it at the end of the chute & document it.)

Website: www.tinahannay.com

Instagram: @tinahannay

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