Les Bicknell

Bicknell 01

one element of the installation suppose it is true after all? at The Cut
aprox 1m square

The work explores the essence of what a book is; sequence, order, time, revelation, intimacy, control, narrative and communication – bookness. The book is viewed as a tool with which to communicate content directly, it is a form that has been understood in these terms for many years. The work  redirects the books purpose, challenging this notion and enables an audience the space to re-think book.

The bookworks I make focus on exploring the idea of form as content and by manipulating the work in the hand multiple narratives are formed. This creates the opportunity for a reflective experience, taking time to connection, look, listen, and consider.

The hybrid nature of my work positions itself conceptually and physically between and within the idea of sculpture and of book. The work has its roots in both forms; in turn the seemingly lack of an obvious purpose initiates in the reader/viewer an unsettling feeling; the work becomes a question rather than an answer, a collaboration in the mind and hand between maker and reader/viewer.

Bicknell 02

36 pages documenting residency at NanoTech within 36 draws of Maxwell's original Laboratory furniture.
book is 425 x 300mm
various papers, string, leather.

Bicknell 03

Diss stones
4 sandblasted pieces between 1m x 2m x 2.5m
granite blocks

Bicknell 04

Lowestoft Homezone
Sandblasted granite, tegular blocks, tarmac.
Two streets 200m long

Websites and social media
website: lesbicknell.wixsite.com/work
blog: lesbicknell.blogspot.co.uk
instagram: les1bicknell
twitter: @BicknellLes

Links to writings
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