Bingham 01

Behaviours   5 Panels H122xW107cms  Birch Plywood

I work across a variety of media both 2D and 3D and on scales ranging from environmental to miniature. My work is characterised by a strong interest in construction and a delight in the unexpected in ordinary materials. Although essentially non-representational, the work is concerned with the physical, emotional and psychological language of everyday things.

I enjoy relating to specific architectural situations and I have twice exhibited on the large brick walls at the Cut. Three-dimensional works on a wall are a different challenge and the scale of these walls offers the opportunity to make something fairly ambitious. The audience in the cafe is much more varied than a conventional gallery including, as it does, children; people of all ages and abilities attending a range of classes; the theatre/film buffs and coffee drinkers. I like to embrace this diversity and the works I have created have some of the characteristics and quirks of human behaviour in body language, if not appearance.

Bingham 02

Behaviours (alt view)   5 Panels H122xW107cms  Birch Plywood

Bingham 03

On the up   H150xW350xD12cms  Painted wood

Bingham 04

On the up (detail)   H150xW350xD12cms  Painted wood

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