Brett 01

no title (Skoki) - adapted found railway line, 2001.

The works i have selected for 'Site Specific' are from another time - my most recent work is more concerned with the sculptural object and material properties than about location specificity.  Of course, sculpture requires locating and placement to an extent but what i make now doesn't work out of a particular site as it's stimulus but is rather more engrossed in it's own making. It is studio bound and as a result somewhat inward looking.

It has been interesting looking back at these pieces that responded to particular places ( or experiences of places) including architecture and resonances of particular spaces and were all made in situ.

Brett 02

no title - ash, cinders &  found steel shelving, 2003.

Brett 03
Circuit - cast Herculite, nylon twine & steel, 2010.

Brett 04
Bound to Break - cast cement & nylon twine 2009.


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