Spring 2017

Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Thursday 26 January
Our ideas about the Cosmos have changed radically over time. Indeed our idea of time itself has been altered. What does that mean for planet Earth? Join us for an exciting journey where we shall go boldly, [as we know our grammar], into the final frontier… The Universe.

Sex, Art & Genes

Thursday 23 February
A contemporary look at Darwinian research into the world of plant genetics. Despite all of our modern techniques and equipment, his ground breaking work still has massive impact in the present time. Learn how in this entertaining and informative session.

Thinking Fast & Slow

Thursday 30 March
How do we make decisions? Especially about really important things, like our health? What do we consider, take account of, or gamble on? Or do we not make them at all, but have our decisions made for us? Let’s get together to consider, slowly, the impact of fast thinking on all of our lives.