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January: Peas please, for health, wealth and the planet! With the renowned scientist, Professor Claire Domoney on Zoom.

February: The Molecules of Life with Professor Richard Bowater, on Zoom. Video available here

March: Hear and Sea Science! With Professor Stuart Rogers, Chief Scientist of the centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, [Cefas], Lowestoft. Video availible soon.


January: The Genetic Origins of Humankind

November: Bones heal more easily than joints, WHY? On zoom. Video available here

December: Fisheries Research And The Science Of Fish Migraton. On zoom. 


January: It's a Knockout!
February: Joint Replacement? New Approaches
March: Concussion & Brain Injury Support


January: Golden Jubilee at JIC!
February: 'The Structure of DNA.'
March: 'SOS Signals from Ocean to Earth.'
September: 'You, The Scientist & The Farmer.'
October: 'Science in Art.'


January: ‘Dark Energy and Dark Matter.’
February: ‘Sex, Art & Genes.’
March: ‘Thinking Fast & Slow.’
September: ‘Sound & Vision.’
October: ‘Life on Mars?’
November: ‘Microbes fight back.’


January: ‘Cereal Thriller- Wheat will happen next?’
February: ‘Gene Sequencing, Super Computers & Biological Investigations.’
March: ‘2016 Is International year of beans and pulses.’
September: ‘Stem Cell research.’
October: ‘Versatile & Beneficial Microbes.’
November: ‘Science & religion.’


January: ‘Energy provision and climate change’.
February: ‘The Science of Ageing, or Not?’
March: ‘Infections, Antibiotics, Alternatives’.
May: ‘Artificial Intelligence: Do machines help us?’
June: ‘Do genes prescribe our lives?’
July: ‘Social Media & Personal Interaction.’
AUGUST SPECIAL: Sat 10-4pm 2015 UNESCO Year of Soil & Light. Special Science day, with demos, trials, activities, food sampling, lectures & film. 8 different organisations involved , with Art & Science collaboration.
September: ‘Don’t trust me, I am a Scientist’.
October: ‘The Balance between Biodiversity & Farm Productivity.’
November: ‘Syndromic Surveillance: Public Health & Private data.’


July: ‘ Food for thought.’
November: ‘ Cancer, Cure & Care’