The Malt Story

The Cut was created in 2003 out of the dilapidated shell of the late 19th Century ‘New Cut Maltings’ building.  In 2016/17, New Cut Arts - in partnership with the Halesworth & District Museum – developed the MALT Project as a permanent celebration of the town’s maltings heritage.  The Cut lies at the heart of this story which is approached in three different ways:

An immersive exhibition recreating the environment of a traditional germinating floor.  Visitors to The Cut can experience what the New Cut Maltings was actually like, as well as discovering much else about Halesworth’s malting past and the processes that magically turn golden barley into Britain’s favourite drink – all achieved through a variety of interactive digital and physical activities.

A visitor trail with information panels creating a 50 minute walk around the town (pick up a MALT trail leaflet from any one of the town’s information points, including The Cut itself).  Each panel takes the visitor back in time to how that particular location would have appeared at significant moments in Halesworth’s malting history.  In the Town Park you will even find the outline of a Wherry to give a sense of how important the Blyth Navigation was to the early development of the town as a centre of malting.

A website ( providing background information to the project and telling the story of the malting trade.  The website gives particular attention to educational materials intended for visiting young families and schools wishing to enliven the curriculum with primary historical material.  The website also encourages visitors to contribute any knowledge and experience that they may possess of the local malting trade to an on-line research facility.

We hope that you will value this addition to the experience of visiting The Cut and exploring the many other delights available in Halesworth and the wider Blyth Valley.

Visit the Halesworth Malt website here.