Paul Cope - Figuratively Speaking


Content. 2020. Mixed media on collaged paper patchwork. 45cm x 45cm.

These are all recent works from a daily lockdown series. When the pandemic first hit and we went into lockdown in March I resolved to make some sort of artwork a day. I reactivated my moribund Instagram account @paulcopeart and started posting a drawing a day to share the work, to have some sort of audience and to give myslef a target. The work started with drawings on simple folded sketchbooks and developed through working on the surfaces with collage and paint into more complex images. This sequence of more or less square works, made to fit the Instagram template, started in August and has reached 90 daily works. They are made on a patchwork of old works which I found during a lockdown clearout. These old drawings, paintings and prints from art room demonstrations and other art teaching exercises and experiments provide some sort of surface to bounce off. The observational drawing links these works to the earlier series and are meant as a reality based grist to the mill of the painting. These have explored the house and garden during the project but have narrowed down over the project to a few key objects. This is combined with drawing manual illusions floating within a recurring vocabulary of marks. The titles are drawn from the news, reading, political rhetoric, and TV and link the work to the particular day they are finished and published. The titles are a concrete poem written one daily line at a time through these strange times, a poem which might be revealed in the catalogue listing if it is ever possible for these to be exhibited in a physical space. The full set of works can be seen on Instagram and a selection can be seen on my website at


Outcome. 2020. Mixed media on collaged paper patchwork. 45cm x 45cm.


Count. 2020. Mixed media on collaged paper patchwork. 45cm x 45cm.


Uplift. 2020. Mixed media on collaged paper patchwork. 45cm x 45cm. 

Uplift verso

Uplift reverse view. The works are made of a patchwork of papers, old drawings and prints. The reverse of the sheets have an interest too.

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