Mary Webb - Colour

Chattel House Series I 2019 45 x 45 Oil on Canvas

A few years ago a friend working in Barbados invited me to stay. The kind of destination out of my league normally, so I happily accepted the offer. On the plane going out I watched Steve McQeen's moving film '10 Years a Slave'. An enlightening, if chastening introduction. My friend being familiar with the history of the sugar plantations, and the Black Bajuns who had worked on them as slaves, showed me the Chattel Houses which they had been allowed to build after emancipation. Small and easy to take down and reassemble they were a delight to discover, each one very individual in design and colour. With the bonus of the light of the Caribbean and the ever present ocean of amethyst and turquoise, Barbados became a place of stunning glimpses. A big contrast to the light of Suffolk and the North sea. I like to wait awhile before making work about a place, things seen need time to settle so I have only recently been trying to make sense of it all.


Chattel House Series II 2019 45 X 45 Oil on Canvas


Chattel House Series V 2019 152 X 152 Oil on Canvas


Chattel House Series VII 2020 152 X 152 Oil on Canvas

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