Graham Boyd - Colour


'The Chimes'  Acrylic on Canvas 122cm x 183cm 2018

Excerpts from "Compulsive Deamer" Graham Boyd at 90 ,The Cut 2018, Abstract Critical blog by Pete Hoida.

"Here we have  Graham.All the singular major periods of his work have come to fruition in this show of mature late work.     
  ---------- his achievement to have brought powerfully together all the periods of his past work on each singular canvas.Here are the structure of his grids
deconstructed reconstructed and disturbed, not naked but adorned..Elsewhere we find are the blobs of beautiful gunk artfully chucked at the canvas that I suggest have their
origins in his American influenced painting of expressionistic action and intent that flourished in the early eighties.Now these cosmic and existential attributes have been married
integrated and conducted within the structures that had their day in the sixties----remove any item the experience is gone.
--------in the vast proportion of this very generous show Graham's touch has achieved a sensitivity at which he has not hesitated or stopped at  ,
to power every inch of the canvas with incidents that resonate with interest in themselves, which are strong and painterly, but do not draw attention by more
virtuosity to themselves at the expense of the whole.They are the works of a proud and self effacing efficiency at the dangerous edge of spontaneity.
They have not held back at the corners, at the middle, at the edges, they are modulated with a sonorous frequency-----"

Boyd Question time

 'Questiontime' Acrylic on Canvas 127cm x 102cm 2018

'My Blue Heaven' Acrylic on Canvas 127cmx102cm 2019

Boyd Pilgrim

'Pilgrim' Acrylic on canvas 122cm x 92cm 2018

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