Alan Gouk and Steven Walker, Recent Paintings

Tuesday 12th October - Saturday 20th November
Preview Saturday 16th October 12 - 2pm

Alan Gouk and Steven Walker, Recent Paintings Alan Gouk and Steven Walker, Recent Paintings Alan Gouk and Steven Walker, Recent Paintings

An exhibition of recent paintings. The Cut, Halesworth October 2021.

Alan is a pre-eminent Abstract British painter, now in his 82nd year, he is at his peak of artistic maturity. Steven Walker is an emerging abstract painter fully committed to discovering what abstract painting means to him.

 The nature of both artists reveal commonalities such as: to be always beginning, being direct, an emphasis is placed on making a statement. The works are made in the moment. They bristle, are luminous and effervescent. The colourful gestures have a deliberately confrontational nature, but secrets remain, requiring sustained and repeated viewing. To say the paint flows is an understatement — the colour and fluidity merge together and describe that ineffable quality the paint can have when it is both relaxed and controlled. Alan’s paintings are architecturally specific constructs in a primacy of immediate colour responses.

 “Alan’s paintings have an extraordinary dynamic surface. They warp and bend spatially, make powerful movements in many directions so far beyond the scope of what is customary in abstract painting that its sensual impact leaves one slightly breathless at the last. There is a cavalier boldness of attack and the whole thing feels in the balance. They brood and rock which resonates with the Artist’s own temperament” Robin Greenwood for the Hampstead School of Art exhibition catalogue 2018

Steven’s paintings are gesturally energetic, naturally immediate and have a vitality which runs complimentary with Alan’s large works. There exists distinct areas of interest which work in stimulating relationships with each other, and pinning down the canvas surface can’t be done for too long because of their multiplicitous complexity.

This is painting about chaos made meaningful and valuable.

Alan Gouk
1939. Born in Belfast
From 1944 Brought up in Glasgow.
1957-59 Studied architecture at Glasgow School of Art
1959-60 and at Regent St Polytechnic, London
1959-60 worked for LCC Housing architects Dept.
1961 Began to paint in oils.
1961-64 Studied Psychology and philosophy at Edinburgh University.
1964-67 Exhibitions officer with British Council Fine Arts Dept.
1966 Exhibition Officer to British entry Venice Biennale.
1967 Teaching in Sculpture Dept. St. Martin’s School of Art.
1070-90 Head of Advanced Sculpture Course St. Martin’s.
1967 Prizewinner John Moores’ Exhibition
1972 Hayward Gallery with Gillian Ayres and John Golding.
1972  -79 with family, moves to Stroud, Glos.
1975-79 Annual Group exhibitions at Stockwell Depot.
Writes extensively for Artscribe Magazine on painting and sculpture, including two essays on Patrick Heron’s work of the 1950s.
1982 Woodlands Gallery Blackheath with Geoff Rigden
1987 Tate Gallery acquires Cretan Premonition 1956-57.
1990 retires from St. Martin’s And moves to Montrose, Angus, Scotland.
1995- 97- 2001. Solo shows at Flowers East, London.
1996 Nominated for Lord Provost of Glasgow Painting prize.
2002 again prizewinner John Moores’ Exhibition.
2007 and 2013. Solo shows Poussin Gallery, London. 
2013- 15- 19 Solo shows at Hampstead School of Art and at Felix and Spear Gallery, London.
Writes extensively for Abstract and, And 

You can read more about Steven Walker in his website

Exhibition opens 12 October in the Malt Room Gallery and Concourse.

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm.