Tuesday 25th February - Tuesday 14th April
Preview Saturday 29 February 12-2pm


An exhibition of painting, drawing, sculpture and video by Hayley Field and Anna Mortimer

Our studio is based in a working boatyard. We are inspired by the industrious nature of the site and the activities of the people there. We work from each end of a long room, with views across the river to Sutton Hoo. We enjoy the tacit play between our artistic practise.

Hayley Field
I love the array of wrapped, discarded or rusting objects found in the boatyard. These, amongst other things I have observed, feed my interest in colour, composition and mark making. I often collage different ideas together, extending my process through re-working.

Since 2017 I have been documenting the colours I can see in the view from my studio window. This ongoing piece of work feeds my paintings.

Anna Mortimer
I construct handmade props and sculptural objects that then feature as peculiar ‘creatures’ in my films taking a wry look at life. I gather odds and ends from the yard’s skips, observe the workers’ gestures, recall snippets of overheard speech and snatch inspiration from the work of my fellow artist Hayley. A layer of unspoken narrative stitches together the visual connections and repeated scenarios producing works that are both absurd and funny as well as creating a sense of unease.
Although seemingly slight, my videos are the culmination of a long process from the initial concept through to the final edit.