Tuesday 14th January - Saturday 22nd February
Preview Saturday 18 January 12-2pm
Concourse & Malt Room


My work is characterised by a strong interest in construction and a delight in the unexpected in ordinary materials. I am interested in the physical, emotional and psychological language of everyday things. The objects I make are both physical and visual but my ideas derive not so much from the appearance of things but rather in how they behave.  The large five piece work in this show alludes to characteristics of human behaviour. We now live in a world of alternative truth. In some of these works the actual structure is not as it appears,  however the viewer’s eye will insist on believing the lie. Perhaps it is important at the present time to see how we easily collude in our own deception.

Edmond Bingham 'Truth will out'


Over the years I have explored many and varied avenues within painting. Gradually my work has returned to a style very similar to my paintings in the late 60’s. Non representational painting, using only straight lines offers me sufficient means of expression. The creation of a painting as an object that is both harmonious and has a sense of tension is my aim. The sources of the structure and colour are like silent conversations with emotional spaces. The viewer will always bring their own subjective associations to the work and my hope is that the paintings are rich enough to offer a deep experience.

Peter Hawksby 'Leda 2'