Jayne Ivimey and Gordon Senior

Tuesday 4th June - Saturday 20th July
Preview Saturday 8 June 12-2pm


On The Edge
This small film looks at survival on the Happisburgh Cliffs over a 15 year period through the eyes of residents and wildlife charting changes through
winter after winter of storms.

Sea birds
Following an installation about the Red List of endangered British birds in  2017 I have now focussed on the endangered sea birds and tried to find ways of celebrating and remembering them.
Working in the Felbrigg Hall Bird Gallery alongside  Felbrigg’s historical portraits I used silverpoint an old technique used before the introduction of the lead pencil to portray the stuffed sea birds in their surreal world behind glass.



Gordon Senior’s work concerns man’s relationship with the natural environment.

In recent sculptures spherical forms of varying sizes dominate. Using contrasting sands collected from around England and different cements, casts of plants, wild grasses and grains are integrated into the forms.

This exhibition includes a sculptural installation:  Fallen Fruit.   
This combines actual apple seeds and a large number of casts.   Apples do not come true to type when grown from seed, but each has the potential to produce an undiscovered and possibly valued new variety. 

The sculptures, which might be seen as symbols of fertility, invite the viewer to consider the evolution of grasses into food, natural selection, and methods of cultivation.