Tuesday 4th September - Wednesday 10th October
Preview Saturday 8 September 12-2pm

Exhibition curated by Amanda Geitner

This exhibition brings together six artists whose work is distinguished by a willingness to experiment with their materials, playing with substance and form, sometimes risking failure to achieve success. The desire to take risks is a defining feature of creativity. Sometimes these risks are grave, pushing materials and processes to their limits and hoping that the outcome will not end in complete destruction.  At other times, these risks are much more playful, signalling a willingness to try something completely new and experiment with it, allowing the work to evolve and arrive at destination that was not foreseen at the start.

Working with paint, paper, canvas, board, gesso, foam, bronze, steel, concrete and clay, this diverse group of artists risk mess, imperfection, breakage, cracking and collapse.  Sometimes the risks are discrete and the results immaculate, at other times the experiments remain visible on the work.  In them all I saw extraordinary presence and energy – work that is sometimes uneasy in its attraction, but always captivating.

Amanda Geitner

Image Credit: Susan Gunn