The Cut Digital Archive

Wednesday 17th March - Monday 31st January
On line

The Cut Digital Archive

Wednesday 17th March - Monday 31st January
On line

We've fundraised £16,000 for new streaming equipment and training, and resource for a visual art project with grants from the East Suffolk Communities Bounce Back Fund and Arts Council England (ACE).

The Cut Digital Archive will be an online resource for audiences to engage with our gallery spaces and artists when they can’t visit us, or we are closed.

Over 200 artists have shown at The Cut and there have been 15 group shows since 2003. Not all them have adequate archiving. The Cut will develop and produce a comprehensive archive, and build on it with the content from upcoming artists and exhibitions. We will get images, articles and publications of previous exhibitions, to create an online digital archive.

Ten local artists will be invited for online interviews and live streamed tours of their studios. These will sit on The Cut website with provision within the ACE funding to upgrade the site. Artists Gina Medcalf, Mary Webb, Coco Crampton, Fabian Peake, Charles Hewlings, and Johann Don-Daniel are confirmed for the project along with Bill Jackson, the last artist to exhibit at The Cut before Lockdown 3.

The talks and tours will be live streamed.

16 April 2021 – Coco Crampton - View the film here

28 May 2021 - Bill Jackson - View the film here

10 June 2021 - Fabian Peake - View the film here

16 July 2021 - Gina Medcalf - View the film here

17 September 2021 - Charles Hewlings - View the film here

28 October 2021 - Johann Don Daniel - View the film here

November studio tour - Mary Webb - View the film here

24 November 2021  - Simon Carter - View the film here

8 December 2021 - Stephen Lewis - View the film here

19 January 2022 - Derek Morris - View the film here

February 2022 - Tony Casement

March 2022 - Laurence Edwards

Kasia Posen, local artist and lead on the project said, ‘It will be exciting to begin collating an accessible record of the exhibitions that have taken place at The Cut over the years, and also have the chance to explore past and present exhibitors current studio practice through our online interviews and studio tours. Watch this space!’

The Bounce Back Fund also provided training for The Cut staff and volunteers and it’s hoped that the camera equipment will allow live events to be streamed to people that feel uncomfortable with indoor events or those that can’t attend.

The Cut has curated 4 online exhibitions since the first lockdown, which you can view in the archive and the fourth, A Sense of Place, is also online.