Site Specific

Thursday 20th August - Sunday 20th September

‘The term site specific refers to a work of art designed specifically for a particular location and that has an interrelationship with the location’ (Tate Gallery definition).

The Malt Room gallery at The Cut has stimulated particular responses from many artists not least due to the special quality of this large quite low-ceilinged diagonally beamed room where once germinating barley was laid out on the tiled floor.

All the artists showing in our second online exhibition, again drawn from our archive, have made work that is a response to the Malt Room and in most cases the work would have made no sense transferred to another space. Making work in this way is rewarding but certainly challenging- the artist cannot just bring work that has been made previously even if it in a general sense considers the gallery space. Site specific work in a very real sense interacts with that particular place and derives its importance from being there.


To see the exhibition, please click here.