Suffolk Wildlife Trust and World Land Trust


Friday 8th November 2013 - 7:30 pm

Alice in Wonderland meets The Jungle Book: the story of the dormouse and the tiger

- How wildlife corridors save species

With special guest: Simon Barnes

Unlikely bed partners the dormouse and the tiger have more in common than you might think. When it isn’t asleep, Alice in Wonderland’s hazel dormouse lives and travels through hedgerows and trees showing how interconnected wooded sites are essential if it is going to move and breed safely. Rudyard Kipling’s Tiger! Tiger! is a Jungle Book story which explores the relationship between tiger and hunter. Suffolk Wildlife Trust continues to secure new land and develop mapping techniques to provide safe passage for dormice in Suffolk, and the World Land Trust is working to create protected corridors in and out of Corbett National Park in India giving Jungle Book wildlife safe passage away from humans. Come and find out about these and more modern day success stories from our conservation experts, and how both our organisations strive to ensure a future for wildlife - featuring barn owl, jaguar, people and more.
Award winning author and journalist Simon Barnes lives in East Anglia and supports conservation locally and globally through both organisations. He released Exmoor ponies on to Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Knettishall Heath nature reserve and watched orang-utans in Borneo with the World Land Trust and will talk about some of his experiences. Simon’s columns in The Times every Saturday are read by the thousands, including World Land Trust Patron, Sir David Attenborough, who is a great fan!
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