Sunday 27th October 2019 -

All things Shakespeare for all ages

Workshops, Art, Lectures, Food, Dancing, Music.

Tickets: Kids £1, Teens £2, Adults £12
Under 20s Day Tickets: £6
Adult Day Tickets: £35

Sunday 27th Schedule

10:00 Jenny Hall 'How to Speak Shake' (adults)
11:00 Prof Grace Ioppolo: "Vagrant and licentiours rabble": The Life of a travelling actor in Shakespeare's England (lecture)
11:00 Tim Fitzhigham Workshop 2 Julius Ceasar
14:30 John Wyver of Illumnations Media: Filming Shakespeare On Stage for ths RSC (talk)
14:45 A rare film: Peter Hall's RSC A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1959, Diana Rigg, Albert Finney, Vanessa Redgrave, Ian Holm & Charles Laughton
16:00 Jenny Hall, Rhythm & Rhymes (Teens Verse Workshop)
17:00 Cordelia Monsey, Shakespeare's Sonnets Workshop
18:00 The Cut Choir Part II

* Subject to availability

October 12-27
SHAKE ART Exhibition

For the Saturday schedule, please click here.

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