The Cut Science Café


Thursday 29th November 2018 - 6:30 pm

We look forward to welcoming you to our last Autumn 2018  session  of The Cut Science Cafe in Halesworth, on  Thursday 29 November at 6:30 pm. We are delighted that Dr Laura Dixon  and Dr Jemima Brinton  both at the John Innes Centre [JIC], will be our guest speakers for the evening.

Dr Dixon will discuss temperature sensitivity in wheat and what  is being done to achieve improve regularity in yield, despite temperature fluctuation. Dr  Brinton will talk to us about her work on grain size  to improve yields of bread wheat. We are very pleased that we have two speakers on wheat research as this topic was a special request by Cut Science cafe attendees. We welcome back Mr Richard Symes as our chairperson for the evening. Richard is a local farmer with a great deal of knowledge and experience in arable farming. We would welcome  the arable farming community, and anyone with an involvement/interest in the supply and consumption of wheat products, so please spread the word far and wide!

Drinks, delicious hot & cold food  will be available for sale from 6:30 pm. However do not  worry if you cannot arrive then, as latecomers [Main door arrival only, please], are welcome. The  talk will commence at around 7 pm with a refreshment  break approximately an hour later. During the break, questions can be written down and handed to the chairperson, if you would rather not ask them from the floor afterwards. The  Q&A session commences after the break and the evening closes at around 9 pm.
Please note our next Cut Science Cafe will be on  Thursday 31 January 2019 on anaesthesia and the medical use of oxygen. (Click for Info)