Circle 67

ALI BABA & THE FORTY THIEVES -This performance is sold out.

Saturday 13th January 2018 - 2:30 pm

Open Sesame!’ - Among the sand dunes of old Arabia, Ali Baba, a poor orphan boy, discovers the secret of the cave where a wicked and ruthless robber chief and his band of forty (or was it only two) fearless thieves have hidden all their loot. Ali helps himself to a bag of gold which he hopes will help him to gain his independence from his brother Kazim and allow him to marry his sweetheart Morgiana. However when Kazim’s wife, the bossy and greedy Fatima, accidentally discovers the gold, she decides she’d like some more and then everything starts to go wrong.

Will the robber chief and his thieves manage to reclaim the gold? Will the local policemen get in on the act and catch the thieves? Or will Ali Baba, Morgiana and Camilla the camel manage to outwit them all and live happily ever after? Join us for this fun-filled family pantomime, which is based on one of the most familiar old Middle Eastern folk tales from The Arabian Nights.

Although we may not have any C-list celebrities gracing the stage, we do have a cast full of local talent, including children from the Edgar Sewter Primary School Drama Club and performers from the Zahara Belly Dancing Group who will add a touch of glamour to the proceedings.

So brighten up your new year and please do come and see the show! – and also encourage your family and friends to come along too – the more the merrier – and we would love to fill The Cut for every show!

Sold Out