Halesworth Arts Festival


Friday 13th October 2017 - 7:00 pm

Time for the annual carnival of brilliant young poetic talent. A chance to hear the ten gifted winners of this year’s Suffolk Young Poets Competition (one of the UK’s oldest showcases for children’s writing) sharing their funny, surprising, poignant poems. They’ll be joined by the outstanding and always entertaining homegrown poet Dean Parkin as he celebrates the launch of his first book for children, The Bubble Wrap. Dean specialises in taking everyone back to childhood – via poems about losing shoes on the first day of high school, burying a sister’s Barbie doll in the back garden, or the best things about a sneeze. Discover the seagull that thinks it’s an eagle, good words to send by bubble and the noise a cow makes... going backwards downstairs.
With his own jaunty illustrations as a backdrop, Dean will be accompanied by his regular partner-in-crime, piano genius Maurice Horhut.  A magical evening mixing memorable words and music, suitable for children of all ages – from five to ninety-five!

It was lovely to find The Cut buzzing with young people and then see them read out their work. You only tend to hear the bad stuff about the young – but this proves what a talented bunch they can be. A real treat.  Audience Member 2016

Grateful thanks to The Limbourne Trust for funding support and to Silk Pearce for sponsorship

Presented in partnership with Poetry People www.poetrypeople.co.uk