Saturday 20th May 2017 - 8:00 pm

Flamenco Express presents an Xtra-large handful of raw, heart-wrenching flamenco - with 'sizzling soloist' La Joaquina, guitar virtuoso Chris Clavo, the vocal history of Antonio el Pola, the power and grace of Victor Fernández - plus the welcome return of the inextinguishable Sara Peréz, hot from the hottest Madrid stages.

Sara Peréz
Born in Madrid, Sara studied with some of Flamenco's finest such as La Popi, Beatriz Barceló, Paco Pozo, David Sánchez, Pepa Molina, María Juncal, Marco Flores and Concha Jareño. In worldwide demand and since 2009 a regular favourite at prestigious tablaos such as Las Carboneras, El Corral de la Moreria and Tablao Villa Rosa in Madrid. A member of the Ballet Flamenco of Madrid since 2011.

Victor Fernández
Now based in London, the talents of this incredibly versatile dancer were recognised by major international artists from the start. In his short career he has performed with legends such as Rafaela Carrasco, Javier Latorre, Rafael Aguilar, Juanjo Linares, Eva Yerbabuena, Farruquito, Isabel Bayón, Rafaela Carrasco, Christine Tanguay, Rafaela Carrasco, and Javier Latorre.
He toured China with the Ballet Flamenco de Madrid, and is part of Rafael Aguilar Dance Company, performing in major theaters in Germany, China and Taiwan, Dresden and Shanghai, and is at the forefront of modern flamenco choreography.

Flamenco Express Reviews

"Unlike some of the splashy and slightly pretentious star-name shows at the Sadler’s festival flamenco last month, this performance is totally direct; it’s immediate, involving and completely beguiling."
Exeunt Magazine

"Delighted the audience, who rewarded them with rapturous applause and encores."
Dance Europe

"This feisty flamenco company deliver the finest in flamenco, plus sizzling soloist La Joaquina"
Time Out

"This is a fiery ensemble production where every spark of personality is kept alight and creative diversity is given the space to breathe but remain faithful to flamenco’s roots."
King’s Lynn News

"..what was surprising, however, was the sheer power and energy displayed by the dancers during this vibrant celebration of Spanish culture. Forget the sterile, regimented flamenco so often served up to tourists: this was the real thing, and to say that it packed a punch is an understatement."
South Wales Evening Post.

"Flamenco Express transported the audience to an imaginary Spanish haven during a musical journey laced with passion, grace and immense artistry. The cold, grey and windy weather outside seemed a million miles away."
Harlow Star