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Sunday 23rd April 2017 - 11:00 am

• Fantastic kids programme*
• Inspiring workshops
• Talks from industry professionals*
• Café & Bar


By Jon Canter
A delicious comedy about a businessman who takes his first wife to lunch in a Greek taverna. The young waiter struggles with their outsize order of nostalgia and ego.

The Hunted Man
By Bill Philpot
As if he didn’t have enough troubles, now Sara, his beautiful daughter, is stepping out with Archie, the “Renaissance Man”. Fear and loathing in the shires.

By James Rose
A quiet, rural railway platform at 08:49. Someone said that all time happens at once. What happens when the past enters our present? And that present affects our future?

Knock Knock
By Andy Powrie
Terry Britain was always a miserable git. Nothing improved when his wife ran off with a Hell’s Angel. Until today.

A Day in the (Married) Life
By Jan Etherington
Jude is restless and dissatisfied with her long marriage to Harry and one small event is enough to make her decide to leave him. But will he notice she’s gone?

It’s A Sperm’s Life
By Lewis Wilding
Ever wondered how a sperm learns the meaning of life and love? Then this is the play for you. A sweet, salty and zany little comedy about our earlier selves.

Out For the Season
By Simon Farnham
With a debut season in the Premiership just weeks away, footballer Jordan Alexander is about to discover that the toughest challenges he’ll be facing are those off the pitch.

Modern Living
By Jack Stanley
1 estate agent with 1 flat to sell in a trendy part of the city. Can’t be that hard can it? Wait until they meet the people viewing the flat. A comic play all about people and property.

Him, Her & Them
By Bill Cashmore
Ruth and Tom. Tom and Ruth. Chance meeting and life’s chances. This comic play looks at how life can work out and how much our past exists in our present.

Another Northern Man
By Paul Kelly
A grief-stricken man visits a therapist after the death of his hero. Ominously, it’s not rehabilitation he seeks …

Shortcliffs Bed & Breakfast
By Callum Hale & Davey Goodwin
Two spinster sisters run an empty bed and breakfast on a desolate piece of coast. The arrival of a stranger stirs dark passions.


Table Talk
By Samsom Timmer
Winner of INK Festival 2017 YOUNG WRITER category
A dining table, a parent and a child. A play about lego and love and lies.


The Flying Eye
By Jan Etherington
Tony Jones is excited, when he wins a flight in the local radio station’s traffic-spotter plane but before long, he’s wishing he’d never left the ground.

When the Whale came 
By Chris Coates
Comedy. Gary hates his brother, and doesn’t realise his mum is struggling, but their lives are all about to be changed by a large, wet and unexpected visitor.

Ground Elder
By Sue Sofroniou
When scammers target an unsuspecting OAP, they are faced with a series of unexpected events which threaten to undermine their criminal intent.


By Rory Lowe
A heart-warming tale of a 5-year-old girls mission for the Bounciest Ball in the World Ever!

By Adam Collier & Nick Woolger
Two 60-somethings begin to feel those first pangs of love once again. But first, they have to negotiate that tricky Third Date…

By Mark Bousfield
Two estranged brothers are brought together after the death of their father to spend a weekend trying to reforge their relationship on the beach.  The dynamics of the relationship between them is pretty unhealthy, they have little in common and there is outright hostility at times which is why Jack (the elder brother) has brought along his girl friend Matilda who has know them both all her life. In expected fashion the brothers clash and the whole trip threatens to unravel until younger brother Neal makes a grisly discovery out on the rocks in some abandoned fishing nets.  This discovery sets off a chain of events that tests not only the fractious trust in the group but the very core of their morality.

By Huw Brentnall
Alex has won the rollover. But there’s a catch. The problem isn’t that he’s lost the ticket; it’s that it’s exactly where he left it…

By Jonathan Skinner
When a man holds a door open for a woman, that’s just being polite, isn’t it? But when he insists that she goes first, maybe that’s different.  AFTER YOU takes a poignant look at modern manners.  Kelby Keenan and Mark Springer play two strangers who have a brief encounter that may or may not change their views. Who is right and who is wrong?  You decide. AFTER YOU was shot entirely on location at The Barbican, London.  Directed by James Hughes and written by Jonathan Skinner.

By Daniel Lawrence & North Breckland Youth For Christ
Looking To Eternity is a feature length film about John, a scrooge-like young man who discovers that he has a terminal illness with months left to live. He has a choice – does he waste the rest of his life or do something with it? A comedic but heartwarming film about John who hates his life, loathes his job and struggles with his reclused brother, but goes on a journey finding faith, hope and joy along the way. A journey which affects his family and those in the hospital around him.

by Adam Mondon
In sleepy Southwold – PATRICK, a young man stuck in his ways, loves only two things in life: Television and his canine best pal HUWIE. A mysterious and beautiful jogger passes his window, turning his small world upside down.

THE S.T.I.N.K Festival Young Filmmakers & INK KIDS FILM SCHOOL
S.T.I.N.K festival – Smelly Trumptastic Irresponsible Noisy Katastrophe – celebrating art and music in a slightly stinky way. It’s a festival of song, dance, cake and trumping.
V.P. by Mark Finbow
Directed by Andrew Nolan. Written by Mark Finbow.  Starring James Wallwork and Sarah Madigan. Produced by Take Cover Films.
Romantic drama. A dogged army corporal, on the verge of medical discharge, begins an unexpected relationship with a local woman but struggles to leave his old world behind. V.P. explores ideas of masculinity in modern society. Written and directed by the team that created the number one selling iTunes short A Thousand Empty Glasses, starring James Wallwork (Casualty, Doctors) with cinematography from Eben Bolter (Mum’s List, Chicken, iBoy) V.P. premiered at Raindance Film Festival 2015.

By Alice Duffy
Ian Duffy never imagined that making a cup of coffee could be so difficult. After my father, Ian, suffered two brain haemorrhage’s in 2012, the world as he knew it completely transformed. Now, Ian faces long-term neurological problems related to speech, memory, comprehension and fatigue. The majority of Ian’s limitations are cognitive and fluctuate dramatically during the day. In the morning Ian often feels more energetic and can engage in conversations without too much effort. By the early evening, ‘thinking’ requires too much mental processing and he must find activities that do not challenge his cognitive abilities. Ian’s calm demeanour hides the painful disruption he experiences internally. This documentary film explores his interior conflicts and magnifies the profound way in which his interactions with the seemingly mundane elements of his everyday life have been transformed. Together we use a combination of live action, stop motion animation, interview and collage to creatively illustrate the fragmentation of Ian’s daily life.

By Josh Trett
A journalist working for a tabloid paper poses a threat to a newly created political party. When the head of the party is confronted by the journalist, he puts a call out to silence him once and for all.

By Patrick Brooks
7 Steps to Becoming a Student Druglord’ is the essential guide for any Fresher looking to supplement their student loan while at Uni. Follow Daniel and his best friend Fletcher as they go from lowly losers to BNOC (Big Name On Campus) legends, and learn some vital lessons about business, romance and friendship along the way.

Writing for Radio

By Robin Brooks. Sunday 23rd April 10am-12pm Tickets £15 per person/12 places available Ages: 16+
How does radio drama work? How can your own creativity best match what the BBC (or other platforms) are looking for? And how can your ideas take shape on the page? This is a course aimed for anyone who wants to pitch and write radio drama. The workshop includes- understanding the basics of writing for Radio and the commissioning process, The essentials of the medium, Nuts and bolts of radio scripts, do's and don'ts of audio drama, learning how to concoct and write a pitch, creating sample proposals.

Robin Brooks is a dramatist with twenty years experience of writing original plays and adaptations for BBC Radio. Notable works for Radio 4 include a six hour dramatisation of James Joyce's Ulysses. Last year he wrote two original plays for Radio 3, Drama on 3: Remorse, or the Sorrows of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and The Present Experiment, about the birth of the Third Programme in 1946.
Info & tickets or 07779060717

Her Mother's Voice

All ages. Not a lecture. Writer Astrid Ronning gives us an informal taste of the comedy genius of her mother, Peg lynch, one of the first ladies of American radio and television, often called "the woman who invented sitcom." She died two years ago at the age of 98–still writing, still performing, still telling funny stories, her timing as impeccable as ever. Anecdotes, vintage audio and video, Live performances. Astrid is joined by award winning actor, Bernard Hill.
Included in festival ticket. Sat 12:50 and 16:00 - Sun 13:00 and 18:45. The Talk will be presented multiple times over the weekend.


Stitchers by Esther Freud - Sun 16:00. Tickets: Included in festival ticket
The first thirty minutes of  INK patron Esther Freud’s first play, Stitchers, can be seen  for the first time in the form of a rehearsed reading directed by INK patron  Helen Atkinson Wood.

Directed by Helen Atkinson Wood

Performance & Talk

Saturday 22nd April 2017
Time 20:00
Included in festival ticket.


Sunday 23rd April 09:00-10:15 DRAMA WORKSHOP for 5-8 YEAR OLDS

10:20 'THE GOBLIN KING' performance by Miss Adventures Theatre company.

£15 for both, £6 for performance only.

To book for the workshop and/or showing, please contact:
Camilla Falconbridge
Director MissAdventures Theatre Company
Twitter: @MissAdTheatreCo
Mobile: 07870 574271


As well as the brilliant ‘Little Goblins Drama workshop’ for 5-8 year olds, children and parents can watch a performance of ‘The Goblin King’ by Miss Adventures Theatre company.  A whimsical adventure perfect for ages 5-8 years!

What is ‘The Goblin King’ performance all about?Meet the Goblin King, his servant Sniffles and his scary wife, The Goblin Queen, as they search low and high for the Princess Thomasina! It’s not easy being King you know. Down in the Deep World the Goblin King has a problem and he needs some help. His only daughter, the Princess Thomasina has escaped and is on the loose in the shallow world! The Goblin King, together with his faithful yet hapless companion Sniffles, must find the Princess and bring her back to the Deep World before the Goblin Queen (who is VERY mean) finds out!

*MissAdventures Theatre Co 5-8 yrs (09:00-11:00 Sun 23)
Little Goblins Drama Workshop & ‘The Goblin King’ Show
Info & Tickets: / 07870 574271