Laura Cannell & Angharad Davies


Saturday 28th May 2016 - 7:30 pm

Laura Cannell (England) and Angharad Davies (Wales)

A vibrant and meditative evening of new, experimental and improvised music performed on violins, inspired by landscape, myth and folklore. Unexpected sounds, textures and melodies will be performed by two of the UK’s leading experimental violinists in response to the building and surrounding area. Part of a series of three bespoke performances taking place in England, Scotland and Wales.

In over 1000 years the skeleton of the violin has not changed, it’s angles may be steeper, it’s bow longer but when a bow is drawn over gut or steel, in that action, in that moment there is access to another world.

Inspired by the dramatic and ancient landscapes they grew up in on the extreme opposite coastlines of the UK, two pioneering experimental violinists collaborate to produce innovative live performances inspired by marshlands, coasts, ancient and modern settlements and a mutual connection to the violin.

The ghosts of thousands of notes that have been played before are all there for the taking. Choosing the phrase, texture and sonorities Laura and Angharad experiment with their violins live in performance, drawing in the surroundings as breath and communicating with each other through the wonder of their old and delicate wood, horse hair and string constructions.

Laura & Angharad begin their Mythos of Violins Journey on neutral territory in Glasgow, where they have been commissioned by Scotland’s Alasdair Campbell of AC Projects and Counterflows to explore St Peter’s Seminary at Cardross. They will soak up the emerging Hinterland project and the beautiful ruins of modernism – transforming their experiences into notes, textures and improvisations.

Laura and Angharad both regularly perform throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. They have both appeared numerous times on BBC Radio including Radio 3, 4 and 6Music. Mythos of Violins gratefully acknowledge the support of PRSF Beyond Borders.