The Cut Science Café presents

Vision Made Possible

Thursday 27th January 2022 - 6:30 pm

The Cut Science Café welcomes you to the first session of 2022, with an evening looking at the cutting edge of research into how Virtual Reality can help people navigate the real world. Immersive Studios of Norwich in conjunction with Dr Jordi Asher of the University of Essex have been working on helping patients recovering from brain injury and /or strokes to use “Meta World” technologies to regain some of their independence through the use of “smart glasses”. Join us to discover more about this fascinating topic. Tickets now on sale for  attendance at the venue and our live YouTube stream.

Please note if you are planning to join the event via the YouTube live stream, you will be sent details on how to join on the afternoon of the 27th January. Please do check your spam/junk mail folder on the day as the email with the live feed link may be misidentifed and diverted from your Inbox!