Film Night Special:

The Ghost of Winifred Meeks

Thursday 2nd December 2021 - 7:30 pm

Directed by Jason Figgis, UK 2021.

Starring Lara Belmont, John West, Julie Abbott.

A supernatural thriller, inspired by the work of M R James, telling the tale of a successful writer Anna James, played by actress Lara Belmont, who rents a remote farmhouse to begin work on the latest of a series of teen crime novels.

But she soon becomes unsettled by the presence of an unquiet spirit - that of the former lady of the house, Winifred Meeks.

The Ghost of Winifred Meeks was filmed mainly on the Suffolk coast, so even if you need to hide behind your seat you can still catch glimpses of familiar locations such as Dunwich, Saxmundham and Westleton.