Cut Conversations

Simon Garfield

Sunday 23rd May 2021 - 3:00 pm

Simon Garfield has lived with three dogs in his life: an unpredictably stupid Basset Hound named Gus, a mud-loving yellow Labrador named Chewy, and his current companion, an elderly and eminently wise black Labrador named Ludo. It is Ludo’s question at the beginning of this book - ‘Why is he here?’ - that sets in motion the journey that follows. Dog's Best Friend is Simon Garfield’s twentieth book.

Simon will be talking to journalist and writer Catherine Larner on Zoom about his latest book Dog's Best Friend, and covering previous titles including the international bestsellers Just My Type, On the Map and Mauve.

If you own or once owned a dog, you will know that our relationship can be as rich, complicated and rewarding as the relationship we have with other humans, and the book reflects this diversity with the aid of trainers, breeders and psychologists. Above all, it explores the extraordinary ability of dogs to enhance so many aspects of our lives.

Dog's Best Friend is as entertaining as it is informative, as eccentric as it is erudite, and all told with Simon Garfield's irrepressible gift for witty and insightful storytelling.

A wise, witty, alternative history of humanity, from the bestselling author of Just My Type and On the Map.

Copies are available from The Halesworth Bookshop 42 Thoroughfare, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 8AR,

There are 9.9 million dogs in the UK, and 26% of British adults live with at least one of them. But how and why did this extraordinary relationship begin, and where is it leading?

Dog's Best Friend reflects on how our relationship with dogs has changed over the centuries, and explores the universal desire for non-human companionship.

Dogs and humans: in the last 200 years no inter-species relationship has developed so fast nor come so far. Dogs accompany us in every walk of life, usually three times a day. The dog has become so much part of our lives that we speak to it like a child and spend small fortunes on its wellbeing and wardrobe. The book  investigates this unique bond by revisiting some of the most important milestones in our shared journey.

Funny, fascinating and endearing - this is a book that will make your tail wag.’  Kate Humble

Dog's Best Friend is as fascinating, funny and wise as we've come to expect from Simon Garfield. More than that, it's a book that asks profound questions about what it means to be canine.’
Andy Miller, author of The Year of Reading Dangerously

A fascinating, informative and highly entertaining expedition through the highways and byways of dogdom.’ Dr John Bradshaw, author of In Defence of Dogs

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