The Cut Digital Archive

Johann Don Daniel

Friday 13th August 2021 - 6:00 pm

The Cut Digital Archive is a series of interviews and talks with artists that have exhibited at The Cut.

Kasia Posen, herself a local artist, talks to 10 artists to discuss their practice and studio life.

Fifth in the series is Johann Don Daniel.

Johanns works are reflective of the places from which they were born and certainly of the time that they were conjured, delivered from stories, observations and media that he absorbs within a time and culture. He does research through photos, collages, sketches, sculpture, words, conversation, books, magazines, food and music. These reflections come into form through compiled research, toys/sculptures and collages to develop an oil painting.

“Art making is a form of alchemy, in a way, because you are make gold from nothing. When it works very well is when you manage to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.” Yinka Shonibare

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