Live Streamed from the Malt Room


Saturday 20th March 2021 - 6:00 pm

Comb Filter is the name given to a core of three musicians, who built on previous experiences of the internet connectivity to create musical performances.

The members are Duncan Chapman, playing flugelhorn, objects and processing, Adrian Lee, playing treated guitars, and Simon Limbrick, playing a wide range of percussion, sounding objects and electronically manipulated sounds.

It was formed in the first days of the UK’s first Covid19  Lockdown, 2020.

The artists considerable experience of working with improvisation, devised music, collaboration, and technology, has enabled them to create work that exists in a new place afforded by the connection between their individual musical, technological, and uniquely personal spaces.

This musical space offers a new sound world, an inspiration for listening, a new understanding of what it means to compose and perform.

Like the ‘fourth wall’ of the conventional stage, the internet is a contributing element. The music is made 'somewhere', for places known and unknown: music-making is very much alive and accessible for those prepared to invent the connections.

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This will be the first time that Comb Filter have played ensemble in the same location. Until now they have been together online.

Art work by Tony Casement and Jack Crampton

This a fund raiser for The Cut. We will send you a link on 20 March for the live stream.

Please book a free ticket and we would really appreciate any donations that you make.

They will help us to open the doors again. Later this year, we sincerely hope!