A Meet and Greet with the "Risk/Revision" exhibition artist


Tuesday 20th November 2018 - 11:00 am

Photographer Jeremy Webb will be hosting a “Meet The Artist” day at The Cut on 20th November, 11am-3pm, as part of a range of activities centred around his forthcoming solo photography exhibition Risk / Revision.

This day gives everyone with an interest in photography an opportunity to meet and discuss how photographers work, their materials, range of approaches, or simply to talk photography with a Norfolk & Suffolk-based photographer who’s been a professional photographer for over 30 years.

The exhibition features examples of Jeremy’s work from his personal archive and shows a diverse range of themes and subjects. Large, single prints will be on view in the café area, while upstairs in the Malt Room Gallery, visitors will find a range of series, sequences, and prints from both digital and film photography – many of which will be published in Design Principles, the forthcoming 2nd edition of his book on contemporary photography, due to be published next year by Bloomsbury.

So if you’re keen to talk Photography, or find out more about Jeremy’s work as a photographer, come along on Tuesday 20th November and have a chat. Jeremy will be there all day.