Current The Cut Science Café

Current The Cut Science Café Current The Cut Science Café Current The Cut Science Café Current The Cut Science Café Current The Cut Science Café

7pm–9pm, £4. The Cut Science Café provides an informal, friendly environment in which to discuss the latest ideas in science and technology, whilst enjoying a drink and delicious food from our licensed café, which will be open from 6.30pm.

Talks start at 7pm, the evening ends at 9pm. The sessions comprise an informal introduction; the talks and then a refreshment break, followed by the Q&A section. The dates for September, October and November 2018 are as noted below, together with a brief description of the topics. For more details check or email us at

It's a Knock Out! - Thursday 31 January

We start the 2019 of The Cut Science Cafe season with talks by two eminent consultants at the James Paget Hospital in the field of Anaesthetics. Dr Daniel Broad will discuss the development of anaesthesia as well as further research.  Dr Pieter Bothma, currently the chairperson of the British Hyperbaric Association will discuss hyperbaric medicine with us, - the therapeutic use of oxygen in the clinical arena.
We are delighted that Dr Jan Athis will once again be our chairperson for the evening. Jan qualified and worked as a Zoologist.
Drinks, delicious hot & cold food will be available for sale from 630 pm. However do not worry if you cannot arrive then, as latecomers [Main door arrival please], are welcome. The talks will commence at around 7 pm with a refreshment break approximately an hour later. During the break, questions can be written down and handed to the chair, Jan Athis, if you would rather not ask them from the floor afterwards. The Q & A session commences after the break and the evening closes at around 9 pm.

Joint Replacement? New Approaches - Thursday 28 February

Joint replacement is something many of us will have had first or second hand knowledge/experience of. What does the future hold? Could joint re-growth be a possibility? We will hear from an eminent trauma and orthopaedic surgeon together with a renowned professor of Biomedical technology. Don’t miss your place on this joint [!] presentation.

Concussion & Brain Injury Support           

Neuroscience and Psychology come together to explore what happens when the human brain suffers trauma and what can be done about it. This fast moving exciting sector of scientific research will be discussed by two of our top academics in their respective fields. The knowledge you gain at this presentation could be invaluable, Book now!