Emyr Williams - Colour

These paintings have all been made since the lockdown. My work has always been about making paintings in response to the potential for colour to make light and space. These particular works< have evolved as a result of a continual almost restless questioning about the way I put a painting together. The use of line, for instance, has become more urgent of late: line not as contour but as a force akin to an area or even a simple instance of paint. Everything in my paintings is there for a reason. I am at pains to avoid relying on chance. I will rework a painting at any point. I do not rework to accumulate more “effects” but to get to the essentials and to hone those, magnifying their realities and maximising their potential for conveying my feelings about colour. Colour can disrupt and cause mayhem in a work. I relish such conflicts and actively provoke them at times to challenge myself to resolve them into a coherent statement. I could go on and on, but unless the paintings walk the talk, it’s a fruitless exercise. I hope people enjoy their optimism.


“Steady the Buffs” Acrylic on canvas 127 x 76cm 2020


“India” Acrylic on canvas 127 x 76cm 2020


“Big Day” Acrylic on canvas 127 x 76cm 2020


“Fresh Re-Solve” Acrylic on canvas 127 x 76cm 2020

See more of Emyr Williams and contact the artist on his website at www.emyrwilliams.com

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