Stretch, Exercise, Relax

Thursday, 10:00 am - 11:15 am

This class provides a refreshing approach to exercise tailored to energise and integrate your body, calm you mind and lift your spirit. Tutor Trish Dent combines her experience of working with the body’s energy meridians with yoga-style stretches and other exercises to help improve your suppleness and wellbeing, whatever your age.
Suitable for all ages. Booking essential. To book, please contact the tutor. (Trish Dent)

Meet the instructor

Trish Dent

Trish Dent

Shiatsu practitioner Trish Dent has been teaching exercise stretch classes for the past 14 years. Recent completion of a four-year yoga study has provided her new insights into bodywork which enrich her stretch and exercise classes. Trish continues to practise Shiatsu as well as teaching exercise and other classes.

Tel: 01986 780939