New Exhibition: Brian Dawn Chalkley

Posted: Thursday 21st April 2022

Our new exhibition by Brian Dawn Chalkley opens on 30th April and runs through until 4th June. Open Tuesday - Saturday in the Café area and Malt Room Gallery from 10am until 4pm. Admission free.

Brian Dawn Chalkley (b. 1948, London. Lives and works in London) is a visual and performance artist, storyteller and teacher. Formative in the trans community since the early 90’s, the artist is known for their performances as Dawn a leading role in London’s underground trans clubbing scene in the 1980s and ‘90s, a time when it was deemed unacceptable and perverse.

Now in their 70s, Brian Dawn Chalkley has been exploring gender, sexuality and identity for more than four decades, first in private and then in their art. Having started their career as a modernist painter, whilst a transvestite in private, in 1996 he embraced “Dawn”, his alter ego, into his public art practice, too. Ever since, this movement between “Brian” and “Dawn” has fuelled an odyssey into what it means to perform gender, and to form and reform identities, going far beyond the modernist tendencies of his earlier years, and continuing to build an impressive body of work that uses narrative and costume to construct and deconstruct aspects of their personality and personae.