Posted: Tuesday 21st February 2017

And It arrived, a long, sleek Shwampmobile which parked (sort of discreetly) in the quiet lanes on Halesworth and the doors of The Cut opened to welcome Dr Schwamp and their travelling fans.
A buzz could already be felt, Aafke and Imogen had seamlessly arranged the night, the café staying open especially late to feed the hungry traveller, the bar was in full swing as guests lined up with eager anticipation.

Dr Schwamp played marvellously, never faltering throughout their nearly two hour set! Beginning with poetic musings over their time in the Yukon inflected with the occasional instrument before bursting into songs from the new Gold Rush themed album.
They look as good as they sound with a carefully considered character curated for each member doing everything to create an experience as much as a gig. Playing to an arrangement unusual for them- a seated crowd- they conquered the room quickly, with everyone soon up and dancing.

Lead singer Sean MacGloin occasionally pulls out the bagpipes, violin and harmonica (not all at once but we are sure he could) enhancing their musical arrangement, giving it much variation and gusto. Their new album was played in full with their old favourites thrown on the end for good measure. Fantastic bass lines, riffs, horns and drumming coming at the audience from all angles with unrelenting energy. Trevor, sound engineer at The Cut, masterfully pulled out all the elements.
Each song was as driving and danceable as the next, there is definitely something for everyone in this band. They will make an unmissable festival set, dragging all proximal ears into their tent!