Posted: Tuesday 17th January 2017

Our ideas about the Cosmos have changed radically over time. Indeed our idea of time itself has been altered. What does that mean for planet Earth? Join us for an exciting journey where we shall go boldly, [as we know our grammar], into the final frontier… The Universe.

For the first of the 2017 Science Cafe season, the well known Astrophysicist  and Astronomer Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson of Imperial college London, will discuss Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

Professor Rowan-Robinson is a local man, living in Southwold, and writes a monthly column in the Southwold Organ about astronomy, tides, coastal erosion and climate change called Stars'n Tides.  In addition he is Honorary President of the Darsham And Surrounding Hamlets (DASH) astronomical society. He is strongly involved in astronomy outreach activities, frequently giving talks about astronomy and space to primary schools, festivals, and meetings such as this one.

Professor Rowan-Robinson is also, and increasingly interested in the history and philosophy of science.

Mr Richard Symes will be chair person for the evening.

Food  served from 6.30
The talk will begin at 7.30 and end at 9pm