Derek Jackson - A Sense of Place

Derek Jackson

Jackson 01

Gapton Hall Drainage Dyke

Derek Jackson uses photography rather like a diary. Instead of pen to paper his thoughts are captured with light and shadow. Reflecting a moment in time, a brief glimpse into a world of tranquillity, where time is stopped, motionless.

Yet the pictures are not motionless, there is movement and an amazing sense of timelessness which stirs up a deep ancient emotion to those who cast their eye on them, a kind of ‘Utopia’ without human intervention.

This is an area of natural beauty, a flat land of waterways and  dykes where animals graze and seek refuge and the sky endures a power of infiniteness. A land touched by the weather but little else.

These pictures distil that beauty, to the absolute. Harmony, peace and yet bizarrely an un-nerving sense of loneliness, untouched for now by us.

Jackson 02

Gone Fishing

Jackson 03

Grazing in the Afternoon Sun

Jackson 04

End of the day on Gapton marsh

Jackson 05

On Burgh Castle Marsh.


On Halvergate Marsh


Reflections on the Marshes


Ruined Barn off the Acle Straight


Snow Over Fishers Marsh

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