About The Cut Science Cafe

About The Cut Science Cafe About The Cut Science Cafe About The Cut Science Cafe About The Cut Science Cafe About The Cut Science Cafe

The Cut Science Café was started in 2014 by Dr Umi Hashim, with the inaugural ‘food for thought’ event. Our first speakers were Dr Richard Bowater and Professor Laura Bowater of UEA who still support the Cut Science Café, when their busy schedules permit.

The Cut Science Café continues to provide food for thought as well as delicious food and drink from our licensed café.
Our speakers are drawn from a wide range of scientific research areas and we are proud to have strong links with Norwich Research Park, particularly with UEA and the John Innes Centre [JIC], where Umi was a research scientist.
Since beginning in 2014, The Cut Science Café has continued to grow in popularity such that we have outgrown the Café concourse space and from September 2019  we will use both the original café area for food and drinks before the talks and during the interval, but the talks and Q & A session will take place in the theatre. We have also invested in a new PA system such that the speakers are provided with individual headsets as well as having the roving mic for the Q & A session. Because of the expansion and equipment we have had to increase the price to £5.00, but its only the second time we have had to increase the cost in five years. Comparative to the general costs of attending talks and the calibre of our guest speakers we think you will agree that it is extremely good value. Added bonuses are better seating and more of it in the theatre, greater visibility of the presentation as well as easier access around the café area, you will be able to pre order interval drinks too.
The Café will also  be opening earlier,  from 6pm to give more time for meals and socialising. The talks commence at approximately 7pm. There will be  refreshment interval of approximately 15 minutes at around 8pm followed by the Q & A section. The event closes at 9pm..

The overall aim of The Cut Science café is to encourage dialogue, discussion and interaction between non-scientists and scientists about the scientific research which is taking place and which may affect us all. Please book your tickets now!
For further details of our current and upcoming programme, please click here
For examples of our past topics, please click here
Please contact Umi via boxoffice@newcut.org / tel: 0300 3033211 if you have any queries or are interested in becoming one of our speakers or volunteers.

“The Cut Science Cafes are honestly amazing. As a science enthusiast, the chance to attend these talks is wonderful. They are always on a range of subjects, from crops to anaesthesia and are all incredibly informative.
It is amazing to hear about the functions of everyday life that are so often taken for granted by people and learn more about how these intricate systems function and how they impact us.
I am currently in High school and can say that these talks are not hard to understand. You can learn a huge amount by coming to The Cut and attending one of these talks. “
E.Birch  aged 13 & 3/4s.