Ivy Smith - Figuratively Speaking

Four Swimmers   oil on canvas   80 x 160 cm.
Commissioned for East Belfast Community Treatment Centre

My main area of interest is the figure. I am interested in people’s particularity and humanity, and in the dynamic relationships made by unconsidered movements and interactions, and the expressive possibilities these lead to in, for instance, the positions of head and hands. My concerns are also strongly abstract, valuing an underlying geometry of composition and the sense of the picture plane given by this, and also defined shape, and rich colour. I wish to maintain the truth that this is art not reality, while simultaneously expressing a very human connection with my subjects. I paint from life or drawings made from life, and all my work is an attempt to combine the particular with the formal.

More can be seen on www.ivysmith.co.uk

Study for Four Swimmers   pencil                39 x 55cm

Netball Match - Leap          oil on canvas     71 x 142cm

Netball Match - Umpire       oil on canvas     61 x 83cm

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