David Page - Figuratively Speaking

David Page - corn shadows, Bush Green

CornShadows, Bush Green oil on canvas 11 05 30.5 x 67.5 cm

Increasingly my paintings are about the subject as much as of it, tho I prefer both to be there. As we all know, there are (in effect) no reviewers in our area, and hardly any serious open exhibitions left (present company excepted). So we have to bloom, unseen, under the nearest stone. The only real outlet these days is on-line.

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  David Page - Golden Tracks

GoldenTracks oil on canvas 06 07  91 x 112 cm

David Page - Green Field Skyline

Greenfield Skyline oil on canvas 01 20 91 x 91 cm

Rose-lines in March oil on canvas 06 20 65 x 100

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